Media Release, December 14th, 2020

Media Release, December 14th, 2020

‘Canadian Government Ignores Scientific Research on Health and Safety – Penalizes Solutions While Stimulating Sickness: Global Health Expert Shuttered.’

Almost one full year after the world became aware of COVID-19, Canada’s slow response to combat the virus has taken a heavy toll on society and crushed local economies. 

With rising infection numbers and recent reports projecting 2021 to be met with similar troubles, Peter Twist, an internationally renowned health and sport leader with local North Shore roots, is set to announce today the permanent closure of his original iconic sport training facility, TWIST Performance + Wellness; just two weeks before Christmas. 

A community pillar for advanced health solutions and high performance sport training on the North Shore for over 25 years, TWIST has become one of the latest economic casualties of the government’s COVID-19 response plan, now joining the tens of thousands of other local small businesses who have been forced o close. 

“It’s not a complex analysis nor difficult decision,” explained Twist. “The government has already closed us twice, declaring our primary revenues illegal – after 25 years, I no longer have a business I can legally operate”.

Being forced to close on his landmark location becomes even more profound considering Twist’s advocacy within the community surrounding health, education and illness prevention. 

“I’m 100% fast to cooperate for the greater good – my business is built on that mission. I quickly adopted wearing a mask back in March while many in western medicine scoffed at the efficacy of that practice. I believe in following evidenced based research and scientific data – as well as following the best practises of success in other cultures – many who got ahead of the virus before Canada even had a plan in place. However, many of the government’s decisions rely only on stereotypes and guesswork, as well as being influenced by the largest corporations”. 

Research data assessing 49 million visits to private health and fitness providers concluded a virus rate of 0.002%. Tobacco, one of the ‘essentials’ the government has kept open and freely available, by comparison kills 70% of all smokers/chewers. 

“Ironically, as a scientist by trade I’m positioned to provide the precise solutions needed to arm a community during this pandemic – improved immune function, better respiratory fitness, increased oxygen carrying capacity, daily mindset medicine, stronger resiliency, and a more robust human system – exactly what protects us, keeps us asymptomatic and helps those with symptoms survive”

It has been a long standing opinion of Peter Twist, that our North American governments have been more invested in pushing a ‘sickness economy’, which creates and monetizes illness, while subsequently degrading our environment and contributes heavily to our rapidly growing climate crisis.

“I have not decided to close my business – the government made that choice. I am complying, permanently. When I see government favour tobacco, alcohol, fast food restaurants, factory farming etc – the causes of illness and degraded immune function – as essential and freely available, while making the solutions that build health illegal – it does not bestow confidence in the playing field nor promising much joy and fulfillment for those on the side of health.”

“The government has slandered us as the highest-risk problem, inducing a fear psychology, while keeping many sources of sickness open as essential. The surprise open-close-open-close formula is also problematic, given we plan and market 4-6 months ahead. We cannot ethically invite people not knowing if we can legally host them”

“We also happen to reside in Canada’s most expensive market, and a lease that will dramatically increase due to the demand for warehouse space to service on-line shopping. The SWOT analysis, market conditions and mathematics make zero business sense at this time”.

When TWIST staff counted more than 200 people at a time funneled into places such as Walmart, Costco, London Drugs and Canadian Tire, it became apparent to Twist that “this is not just about the virus, it does not add up”. 

“Life is short – struggling against the struggle will only manifest more difficulty and poor outcomes” Twist expressed. “I believe in synchronicity and going with the flow – so in the future will help many more people but where it does not involve swimming against the current. My mind and heart are passionate to help – yet those invitations are coming from other countries who wish to get ahead. Canada and the USA are both fighting to survive, after falling behind”. 

After launching several highly successful elite athlete development camps across Canada in 1996, Peter Twist opened his first world class training and performance facility in 1999 amid much fanfare. Each year the facility would host athletes and executive clients from around the world to participate in specialized performance enhancement programs, physical conditioning, technical skills, sports medicine and mindset motivation in order to overcome serious personal setbacks, elevate to new levels and achieve elite sport, business and life goals.  

“The past 25 years have been a high honour to help mentor staff, grow leaders, and have the backs of 1,000’s of clients to win the day facing intense difficulties and exciting aspirational opportunities. It’s been an epic adventure, excellent personal growth and a privilege to help elevate others. I am very grateful, and will always be thankful for every day, yet naturally am disappointed to be shut down by the government in this way”. 

TWIST Performance + Wellness will say goodbye to the community on December 31, 2020.

By The Numbers

– 25 years in the business

– 2,000+ pro and Olympic athletes

– 4 Major League MVPs in 3 Sports: Hakeem Olajuwon, Justin Morneau, Henrik Sedin and Mark Messier

– 100’s Gold, Silver, and Bronze Olympic and World Champion Medalists, and Stanley Cups 

– 20,000 High School and Collegiate Athletes

– 1,000’s of young kids and active adults – have helped clients graduate cancer, strokes, ACL’s, back surgery, shoulder repair, brain trauma, addiction, depression, diabetes, eating disorders, heart disease, and get off pharmaceutical drugs  

– Fitness Industry Awards: multiple international awards including World Programmer of Year, USA Most Inspirational, China Most Inspirational, President’s Award, USA Fitness Hall of Fame, Top Canadian Presenter of Year, Most Influential in Health.

– Sport Industry: NHL 11 years, China Olympics 2016 2018, Partnered with Under Armour, IMG Academies, authored 1000+ articles, 18 Industry Certifications, authored 22 books on Sport Performance and Functional Training. 

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