Open Gym

We are so excited to announce that we have now opened our training facility to those who are simply looking for a new gym where they can come in and workout on their own!

Racks and equipment must be reserved in advanced, each time slot is 60 minutes and there is no sharing of racks. Minimum cancellation time is 12 hours notice in advance or there will be an additional fee charged. (Total cost of drop in)

Open gym times are during operating hours with limited numbers during small group coaching times to adhere to our capacity limitations.


Single Adult Drop In = $15

Bi-Weekly Unlimited Membership = $22.50

Current Client Drop In = 10

Current Client Bi-Weekly Membership Add On = $19.50

Adult Small Group Coaching

Workout with your fellow humans! Socially distanced of course with individual stations + equipment 😉 (max 10 participants per session)

Brand new workouts every day highlighting only the most functional elements of strength training, cardio blasting and recovery techniques designed to crush calories, build strength and create a body that is capable of anything.

BUILD: We’ve created the ultimate aesthetically based muscle + movement enhancement program ever offered at TWIST. This program is geared towards people that want to develop strength, create great lines, develop coordination, balance and overall joint mobility. 

BURN: Get ready to WORK! This session was specifically crafted to burn maximum calories, challenge your current cardio abilities and increase your agility through a variety of timed drills. Bring a towel and extra water bottle!

TWIST COMPLETE: One of our trademark programs! This session is a complete workout, combining cardio, core strength and stability through functional cutting edge exercises.

WARRIOR: Train like a fighter in this gladiator inspired program. You will move your body in primal ways, challenge the very fibre of your being and connect with your inner Spartan to craft a body ready for anything 2020 can throw at it.

RESTORE: Finish off your gruelling week with this program filled with gentle movements designed to inspire a natural flow within your body and help you restore alignment, flexibility and focus.

Personal Training

Booking private sessions with one of our High Performance Coaches is the fastest way to reach and smash your fitness goals. Let us empower you with the motivation and skills you need to boost your wellness and take your body to a whole new level.

Bubble Friends!

Keep your bubble small and train only with those who are in your immediate BUBBLE! We offer private training with one of our performance coaches, in our socially distanced facility, for 2 -13 people. Now more than ever, we need to keep healthy, happy, strong and get our immune systems in the best shape of their lives! Your coach will guide you through custom workouts and push you and your bubble towards your ultimate fitness + wellness goals.

Team Sport Conditioning

2020 has been a game-changing year, so we’ve upped the way our athletes train and we are inviting you to be among the first to experience our new team sport conditioning program. Keep your bubble and your game tight by training with your whole team in our private facility. We are currently able to accommodate up to 30 players at a time.

PowerSkater Dryland Training

TWIST is proud to be home to 6 PowerSkaters: which is a revolutionary dry land skating system that teaches proper skating technique, stride power and speed, all at the same time. The patented skating trainer and exercise system is designed to improve skating technique while conditioning the muscle groups used.

Book a private Dryland session with one of our performance coaches or train together as a team.

Youth Peak Performance Program

The TWIST Peak Performance Program is designed to take into account the individual needs of each athlete, and provide them with a specific training program to help them maximize their performance. 

This is done through a scientific periodized program that will help them peak when needed, but also help to ensure that they are not overtraining or becoming burnt out. 

A TWIST Performance Coach will work with each athlete’s schedule for games, practices, tournaments or competitions and determine which means of training will help maximize the athlete’s performance so they can PEAK when most needed!

Available for grades 8-12 

*UPDATE: Due to the rising cleaning costs associated with COVID-!9 there will now be small cleaning fees added onto to each transaction*

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