Coaching generates the most sustainable results & the most enjoyment and engagement in the process along the way. We coach High Performance athletes & people who want to be become healthier, stronger, more energetic and perform better in their daily lives.

We believe everyone is an athlete and every athlete can improve with proper coaching. TWIST is not just a place to train, it is a place to learn, a place to be challenged and a place to challenge yourself to get better, every day. Come in and experience the TWIST Difference and let the TWIST team of coaches and experts help you Be Ready to meet all of your health, fitness, nutrition and performance needs.


101-1776 Broadway Street
Port Coquitlam, BC, V3C 2M8
Owners/Directors Lisa Gervais and Michele Mauer

Mon, Wed 6:00 am – 8:00 pm
Tue, Thu 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
Friday 6:00 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday 8:00 am – 1:00 pm
Sunday Closed


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I stumbled upon TWIST in January 2013, when I was returning a walking cane to the Red Cross. TWIST happened to be located in the same mall as the Red Cross, which turned out to be a happy coincidence for me.

I’d needed a cane after a not-so-routine hip replacement. What made it “not-so-routine” was that the replacement didn’t go back in at an optimal angle. It dislocated twice in the two weeks following the initial replacement, and I required a second surgery (to replace the replacement).
In just under a three week period, I had two compete hip replacements, four total hip dislocations, and six attempts at putting the hip back together (twice the attempt to put it back together failed). To say that the muscles surrounding the hip were “traumatized” would be an understatement.

I followed my surgeon’s instructions, and diligently performed all of the at-home rehab. I completed the hospital physiotherapy, as instructed, and progressed as far as I could.
Even so, seven months after surgery I was still having difficulty sitting, standing and walking. I knew I needed help in order to recover, and TWIST filled that need.

I met George (the owner) and told him about my situation. George suggested an assessment, which I completed the following week. Based on that assessment his trainer put together a program, and in mid-January I started my training sessions.

At the beginning, I was fighting muscle atrophy, and my own paranoia. (I didn’t want to chance another hip dislocation). It was nearly impossible for me to perform simple exercises (like a “step-up”), or to get into a simple position like “take a knee” (from muscle tightness).

We used tools that I had never used before, such as the TRX, agility ladders and foam rollers, which all helped with strength, agility and muscle tightness. Both my strength and agility have improved significantly since I began training with Twist. I’m walking better, sitting and standing without difficulty, and climbing stairs without assistance.

I regret that I didn’t video the transformation from the first time I stepped through their door to now . The difference is astounding.

I heartily recommend TWIST to anyone who finds themselves in the place I found myself in: post surgery (or injury) and in need of assistance with strength, agility and flexibility. All the trainers I have used at TWIST know what they’re doing, and they have the professional credentials you can rely on.

I’m glad I found TWIST when I did.

Mark McCook, 57
TWIST Athlete for 4 years now!

At last we have found a gym that not only matches our fitness philosophy and expectations for training but also addresses our need to belong to a welcoming, like-minded community.

From my early days as a power lifter thirty years ago to now and throughout my daughter’s years in competitive recreational field sports, we have always been active gym goers but in recent years have struggled to find a gym which offers what TWIST does-the opportunity to train intensely with highly knowledgeable and trained instructors in a welcoming, inclusive venue.

In the small classes, the respectful and supportive comradery amongst members is evident-you’re missed when you miss a class and people show a genuine interest in you. It’s all about your personal best where you’re pushed and encouraged to meet your personal goals, potential and challenge yourself but not compare yourself to others.

Personally, over the past eighteen months, we couldn’t be more pleased with our progress. We have increased our lean body weight, increased muscle mass and for me, it’s the first time in years I am looking at lifting heavier weights again with a renewed interest.

George Watts has created not only a gym but a gym with a distinct sense of community and belonging-rare in an age of self- focus, anonymity and detachment.

Kudos to George and his staff for creating a community where one wants to come back. You continue to inspire us, challenge us and welcome us.
Thank you!

Merrilyn and Melissa Cook

Right before my 35th birthday I walked into a boot camp training facility in the Tri-Cities (not TWIST ) and was ready to finally shed the excess 20 pounds I had hanging around my waist and thighs. Speaking to one of the coaches there, I was told that I would be pushed to the very limit and I would likely puke my first few times if not cry as well but it was OK because everyone goes through it…

I didn’t sign up and from then on in got shivers down my spine anytime anyone even talked about boot camp or intense physical training. It’s bad enough I turn tomato red when I work out, no one needs to see me vomit or cry!

Fast forward almost 3 years later. Our office arranged to do a fitness challenge for the New Year that included 2 days a week at TWIST . Even though I was scared, (literally walked into the gym shaking) that excess 20 pounds had become 40 and I had come to a place of self-loathing so much so that the fear of the mirror outweighed the fear of the gym.

Now a month in, I can’t believe I waited so long! I look forward to every session, I am signing up for sessions past our office fitness challenge and I love every minute of the way I feel about being on the right path to feeling good about myself again.

This is ALL down to the staff of TWIST and the amazing approach to fitness training that they have there. Not only have I been sharing their video on Facebook, I have been bragging to everyone I know about the awesome classes I am taking and although yes, it is hard and I get ugly red and sweaty and I can feel some days pain more than others, I have never been pushed beyond what I am capable of and always get great encouragement to keep going.

I would highly recommend this supportive and athletic training to anyone of any age or ability. You guys are awesome and I am so grateful that I have found your gym.

Thank you sincerely George,
Shanon Kelley, 38

I have been attending classes at TWIST for 11 months now and I am hooked! My early morning workouts really get me going for the day. Twist’s classes include a lot of strength building exercises and lots of variety…I am the strongest I have been since university, and maybe even stronger. Not bad for a 45 year old! All the trainers do a fantastic job motivating the friendly group of clients.

Thanks to George and his team for kicking my butt into gear!

Tracey Bates

I started at TWIST back in August 2015, and the results have been life changing. I am currently down over 20 pounds and have muscle definition I have never had. I attend 3 times a week and LOVE every minute of it. My strength, energy and overall wellbeing is off the charts. I can not recommend TWIST enough!

Nicole Robson

I started training at TWIST in January of 2016. Although I’d been an independent exerciser (and fitness professional) for many years, I found myself in a place where I needed more accountability and support. Small group classes at TWIST were the perfect solution. Knowledgeable coaches, varied and interesting programs, welcoming participants and lots of opportunities to progress and grow were the hallmarks of my experience at Twist. Thanks George, Kieran, Amy and Marc for challenging me to keep pushing, re-igniting my passion for exercise and helping me get through a difficult year.

Tamara Grand

My husband and I have been training for about a year with George at TWIST Sport Conditioning Centre on an individual basis. Norm wanted to bring his squash game up to the next level and I just wanted to get stronger and get into a healthy lifestyle routine. We decided to try the partner training a couple of months ago and it has proved to be a wonderful compliment to the individual sessions. We have the benefit of the training plus the ability to encourage each other, enjoy a little friendly competition, and occasionally poke fun at ourselves (and each other).
TWIST incorporates exercises to provide range of movement, stretching, balance, strength and aerobic conditioning (to mention a few). The weekly sessions keep us accountable to the fitness program and on-track with more challenging sessions as we improve. Norm and I both feel so much stronger and able to enjoy a lot of outdoor activities without fear of injury.
I would encourage anyone of any age that is considering any of the facets of fitness training, to give TWIST a try and enjoy the expertise of their staff to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Pat Ellis

Check out TWIST Performance + Wellness in Port Coquitlam. They are way better than traditional gyms. The training is FUNCTIONAL fitness with an emphasis emphasis on balance, agility, quickness, core strength and atheticism.I’ve been going on/off 6 years for pre-season snowboard conditioning. The training has corrected my sore back too. The trainers there are awesome, fun, and yes you will be pushed very hard!

Mike Poirier

Having just completed the six week challenge at TWIST has left me a little stronger, a few pounds lighter, and a satisfied smile when I look in the mirror. I am feeling and seeing results.

I find the nutrition plan easy to follow and augment to suit my tastes. And the recipes are tasty and easy to make.

The trainers, Kiran and Dragon are knowledgeable, welcoming, encouraging and demanding! I appreciated all the support from George and the orientation session that got me started on the right foot from the start.

I’ve been to many gyms and the program at TWIST is a recipe for success. Just sign up, show up, and keep it up as I plan to do. I look forward to the next six weeks… six months…. and beyond.
A big thank you to all!

Roseline Melzer

My partner Dave started at TWIST over a year ago in order to train for the Seattle to Portland bike ride. He was looking for something different than just another gym.

After seeing the results he attained by working one-on-one with a TWIST Trainer I was very impressed.

I was also looking for some leg and core strengthening for my riding, as well as losing some unwanted weight.
I am finding my leg strength and core strength is increasing steadily. My upper body strength is also improving dramatically.

I have found that going to an ordinary gym and hiring a trainer is nothing at all like training at Twist. At TWIST the trainer is with you every time, changing up the exercises, correcting the way you do each exercise and watching your form to maximize its effects and making sure you do not hurt yourself by doing it incorrectly.
At Twist, they work you hard every time, and you walk out after each session with a smile on your face, proud of yourself, knowing you have given everything you had in you to that workout. Getting fit at 50 is hard work and it sure is nice to have the encouragement of a TWIST Trainer

Sherry Brosnan, 51

Back in November, I finally made the decision to do something about the back pain that had pushed me into a sedentary lifestyle. I had learned about TWIST Conditioning from the owner George after he helped my school design and stock a fitness room. I began with once-a-week personal training sessions with Kumar. Kumar helped me regain range of motion and gave me the confidence to join a TWIST class.

I now workout in a small class led by Amy on Monday and Wednesday mornings. The 75-minute session is a great start to my day. Amy provides focused instruction through well-planned, intense workouts.

The best thing about TWIST workouts is that they are always challenging but also safe. I’m too old to be wandering a gym, cluelessly throwing weights around like I did back in the day. Under Amy’s watchful eye, I’m building core strength that will protect my bad back. I am already experiencing less pain and greater flexibility.

Another thing I like about TWIST workouts is that they never get boring. The great variety of exercises and set types promotes progress without plateauing. I look forward to continuing to build strength, stability, and agility with Twist.

I’m so grateful that I found TWIST and I highly recommend it to anyone who has decided to take control of their health and fitness

Gavin Hannah

Over the years there was always great disappointment with the old “come back” routine. As I got older, (now 47) the importance of playing was subdued by coaching. But how could I be a good coach if I can’t physically show all the proper techniques while training? I went from physio, to acupuncture, to injections – believe me I tried everything. Nothing worked, until I started training at Twist. I can honestly say that TWIST has changed my life and the way I train my players. It doesn’t end there, I have recently started kicking the ball around and plan to play this summer for my “old” over 35’s team. I have had 4 ankle fractures and ligament tears, endless amounts of sprains from indoor.

My knees have seen 3 ACL’s and 2 scopes and my last surgery 2 years ago showed progressive bone degeneration. Do I care? Not really, I have TWIST ! And I am ready! (Hey if an old beat up geezer like me can do it, anyone can!)

Marke Fox, 50