Our Story

Game Changers.

Since 1999.

We opened one of the first functional training centres in North America and introduced the Smart Muscle™ training paradigm associating mind with movement.

Today, our mission is to combine forward-thinking nutrition and medicine
with trademarked performance training systems and internationally
recognized educational tools to help every adult, athlete, and youth get a
body that works – inside and out.

TWIST Performance + Wellness was founded by Peter Twist, the very first NHL Strength & Conditioning Coach, who is a functional training pioneer, international educator, science researcher, published author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, CEO and cancer crusher!


An award-winning contrarian, thought leader, and innovator, TWIST viewed the connection between the brain and body differently than most in his industry. With a different mindset on how the body should be trained to optimally perform, he introduced the Smart Muscle™ training system in 1994, which focused on training movement, not muscle. It uses three dimensional exercises integrating strength with movement and balance, instead of isolating muscles on machines with linear motion. Smart Muscle™ features whole body movements that mimic the day-to-day activities we need to perform best – whether it is picking up a child or shooting a puck into the net.

Although this training system was initially used to coach professional athletes (Trevor Linden, Mark Messier, Pavel Bure, Hakeem Olajuwon and an additional 700 pro athletes), TWIST brought this methodology to the masses in 2003 with the introduction of the first adult small group HIIT (high intensity interval training) functional fitness class in Canada, giving clients the opportunity to be coached by world-class experts who customize professional sport conditioning programs to various ages and fitness levels.



Over 20 years later, this Smart Muscle™ training philosophy is now internationally known as “Functional Fitness”, which, among many long time TWIST staples (small group training, balance, core, HIIT and educated coaches), has been a top 10 North American fitness trend since 2013.



But it didn’t end there. On a mission to help more of the masses overcome difficulty and achieve goals, TWIST targeted the Personal Training industry with the launch of TWIST University, a live and digital education business that offers various functional performance and sport performance certifications and courses. Popular with the early adopters, Twist introduced the industry’s first Balance Training certification course, the first certification on 3D Loaded Motion and in 2016, launched the world’s first Fascial Line Training certification.

Peter Twist’s team of Master Teachers have educated trainers in 30 countries across the world, and Peter and his team continue to travel the globe to deliver corporate motivational keynotes, set up TWIST Performance + Wellness Centres, work with pro athletes and consult Olympic organizations.



Today, TWIST’s business model is coined “The New Health Centre”, offering full service performance and wellness services including personal and small group coaching, naturopathic medicine, holistic nutrition, active rehabilitation and organic food and supplement options to help every adult, athlete and youth get a body that works – inside and out.

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