Mike Mowat: Role Model

Mike Mowat: Role Model

Mike Mowat is a role model.


Taking care of yourself, being accountable to your health and wellness, and setting yourself up for success is infectious.

People recognize it, people respect it, and people react to it. It sets the tone for other people and suddenly they want to follow your example.

This is how a movement begins.

Mike Mowat epitomizes the concept of a true Leader of ONE. He is a role model, willing to take on new challenges and a leader who inspires others to commit to their health, fitness and performance.

Mike’s journey as part of the TWIST TRIBE began as a typical hockey dad who wanted to find a place for his young son to prepare for hockey, learn how to train properly and, hopefully learn the same passion for health and fitness that he had developed as a Whitby Firefighter. Mike was always fit and active but along the way he also decided to immerse himself in TWIST group training in order to continue to learn and get better.

Mike was heavily involved in the health and safety components of WFES and was recently promoted to become a training officer for new recruits. His passion for health and fitness and his relationship with TWIST allowed us the opportunity to get involved in the process. Together we created a unique opportunity to include TWIST training and coaching into the Whitby Firefighter recruit program in order to help ensure that they were set up for success with the key strength and conditioning techniques and training focus they need to be successful on the job, stay healthy and enjoy the process along the way.  Through this program we also have created a shift specific program for ongoing training for Firefighters throughout the year.

As his knowledge and love of training evolved and his level of fitness and drive for competition continued to grow, Mike added two new impressive notches to his performance belt this summer. We entered a TWIST team in the 2018 Spartan Race, and, after CRUSHING Spartan (1st p lace in his age category), Mike  was truly inspired to take on the ultimate Firefighter challenge, of  “the toughest 2 minutes in sports” with the Firefighter Combat Challenge here in Oshawa this summer.

As Mike continues to be a role model for his family, his TWIST coaches, his co-workers and everyone at TWIST  who is fortunate to train in his groups,  we cannot wait to see what he will accomplish in 2019.

Congratulations Mike, keep getting better every day!

Your TWIST Family!

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