COVID-19 Safety


The following procedures ensure all TWIST North Van staff and clients enjoy safe workouts and respect each other to enjoy a healthy positive post-COVID-19 experience. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you have additional questions, we are here for you and happy to help!

  • Please sanitize or wash your hands when you enter the facility utilizing the sanitization station located at the front desk. We also have several other stations located throughout the facility to accommodate you during your training sessions with us.
  • We have implemented a one-way traffic policy: please follow our lovely arrows + signage as they guide you from our reception > onto our training floor > and finally through our industrial chic side door which is now our primary exit.
  • Please arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to your scheduled session. We also ask that there are no spectators at this time (this includes parents…I’m a mom and this one isn’t my fav either but safety first!) – please wait in your vehicle if you are there to pick a client up.
  • After you’ve completed your awesome group session, we also ask request that you refrain from congregating in the facility when giving each other air fist bumps/high-fives and congratulating each other on a job well done! I know I know…we miss human contact too….but we’d love it if you took the party outside to our stunning parking lot to continue the brag sesh about how many reps you did instead of hanging out on the floor (we’ll turn a blind eye to impromptu tailgating :P…..)
  • Small group coaching sizes will now be strictly limited to 10 participants; in order to comply with the safety guidelines provided by WorkSafe BC. Our new schedule times are to allow enough time in between sessions for additional cleaning and for clients to take their happy dances outside.
  • All clients must now RSVP before attending a small group coaching session: this can be done either by phone, email or directly through our new Triib app. (For clients just returning, we are no longer using MindBody > we have switched our online system to Triib. Please contact us for details!)
  • All clients are responsible for cleaning their own stations/equipment before and after their group session. Disinfectants, paper towels and garbage cans are provided for each area. All of our racks are socially distanced and outlined beautifully with red duct tape + there is no sharing of equipment or partner exercises (with the exception of private partner + bubble friends)
  • Clients are required to bring their own pre-filled water bottles from home. Our staff will no longer be able to fill them for you and our kitchen facility is strictly limited to staff only.
  • Sadly, showers are not available at this time and we ask that you please do not drink from the bathroom sinks or use them to splash water onto your body a la Flashdance.
  • Our towel service is also not available at this time, so we ask those clients who require a little extra sweat-absorbing-love to please bring a clean one from home.
  • We are also no longer able to store your personal belongings for you; please arrive to your scheduled session dressed and ready for action!
  • Masks are not mandatory for clients at this time, however, during certain personal training sessions you may be asked to wear one by your coach – who will also be wearing one – depending on the activity at hand. If you would feel more comfortable wearing one during your session, go for it!!
  • All high contact areas such as door knobs, light switches, toilets, floors and counter surfaces are cleaned after each small group coaching/team sessions and after each client exits the facility.
  • Everyone who attends a small group coaching, drop in, functional assessment or private session MUST provide us with their full contact information: first + last name, phone number, address, email, as well as, sign the liability waiver via our Triib app – NO EXCEPTIONS – this information is required for contact tracing.

We are so excited to be able to welcome everyone back into our house and it’s our mission to ensure our community stays health, fit and positive and STRONG!

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