To Coach or Not to Coach….. (We Prefer Coach)

To Coach or Not to Coach….. (We Prefer Coach)

Comedian Steven Wright once said,

”There is a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.”

– Steven Wright

There is a similar line between training athletes and coaching them.

In today’s world of Youtube and social media, any personal trainer with a rudimentary knowledge of exercise and human anatomy can design a strength training workout or design a boot camp class that makes their athletes/clients work hard.

However, the goal of a professional strength and conditioning coach is to teach athletes how to move and execute drill properly and more importantly, to work smart.


Coaching generates the most sustainable results & the most enjoyment and engagement in the process along the way.

We coach High Performance athletes & High Performance people who want to be become healthier, stronger, more energetic and perform better in their daily lives.

We believe everyone is an athlete and every athlete can improve with proper coaching.

As complicated as understanding biomechanically efficient movement patterns = aerobic > anaerobic energy systems + postural stabilization + power > force production + spiral dynamics and strengthening the fascial planes can be; it’s knowing how to purposefully apply them.

Creating an exercise prescription and ultimately being able to communicate this in a way the athlete/client can understand?

That, is the true nuance of the art and science of coaching.

We train our pets; we coach and teach our athletes and clients. High Performance people are busy and we must ensure  that we make every minute they spend training count.

They are not there to simply get stronger or faster or leaner, they are there to get better. High Performance people don’t have time for EXER-tainment workouts with no purpose, workouts that are dialed up to eleven with ludicrous challenges for the sake of being harder or drills that focus on isolated muscle rather than athletic linked system development.

An athlete training without a coach who has a plan, a purpose and a passion is wasting time and energy and setting themselves up for failure or injury.

Many people know their way around the weight room but how can they get better if they are not challenged beyond what they already know? Would a hockey or soccer coach hand their players a practice plan, have them run their own practice session and expect the team to learn anything or get any better? We all spend too much time repeating the same mistakes and often reinforcing poor movement patterns and skills.

Professional strength and conditioning coach and industry leader Todd Durkin said it best:

“If you keep doing what you have been doing, you will never do better than you have done.”

Coaching High Performance people must be considered the same way. A true strength and conditioning coach will teach athletes new skills, correct movement dysfunctions, and guide their clients/athletes to work smart, motivate them to work hard and inspire them to get better every, every day.

Otherwise they may as well be fishing.

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