A Letter of Love to Our TWIST Family

A Letter of Love to Our TWIST Family

December 14th 2020

Dear TWIST Family,

My letter to you, serves as my last voice in this location on the North Shore which is going out to all of our current and past clients, athletes, friends, followers, fans and peers.

After the honour of serving the local community and hosting international guests for over 25 years at this time the government has declared it is still illegal for us to operate. We have consulted with several internationally recognized experts which have all suggested this pandemic and the restrictions handed down, will continue on and off right through until the end of 2021. 

Our business model is based on training sport teams, hosting both athletic camps and small group coaching, as well as other sport medicine, natural health and ancillary services that are delivered by professionals in person. 90% of these offerings are simply not legally permitted. 

Scientific research evidences our environment is safe and the menu of services precisely what is needed to protect yourself during a pandemic, as well as set yourself up for success 365 in any year.  

However, it appears that recent government decisions are not being made based on data nor aligned with health. What builds health and improves mental, physical and biologic performance is deemed high risk and illegal, while many of the causes of sickness are freely open as essential.  

This fundamental discrepancy in philosophy and scientific fact has always existed long before COVID-19. Numbers do not lie. Many physical and mental illnesses have grown while the earth and our food supply’s healthfulness degrade. Historically this has created an opportunity to bring different solutions that close the health and performance gap in modern society. 

Today, however, being deemed fully illegal plus slandered by the government as part of the high risk problem is an out-of-sync playing field that my heart, mind and spirit cannot reconcile.  

This brings the North Vancouver facility to a formal close.

Despite this, my motivation remains high and I am full of gratitude and appreciation for the most amazing ride these past 25 years. 

You can count on me to aim my energy and passion to positive impact – but it will be elsewhere and in a way the government cannot shut me down. 

Reflecting on these past 25 years, I myself learned and grew every day and I hope that me and the incredibly high-quality people I was blessed to call friends and TWIST teammates helped you orient to Better Every Day too. 

There are far too many excellent people who put their full heart and giant effort into TWIST North Vancouver helping people overcome their worst difficulties and achieve their most challenging aspirational goals. But I will highlight one, Mr. Dean Shiels, a leader of leaders and outstanding human who helped set the tone for professional coaching and positive culture. 

As Coach Shiels would profess, we put in massive long-term effort inspired to impact. It’s been fulfilling to watch young professionals grow and clients improve.  I think we were all attracted to the energy that really good people striving to get better create when they circle up together.  

You can find on our web site at TwistPerformance.com a 60 second video and as well a media release that shares more information. I’ll also make an announcement on my personal and TWIST’s social media where you can also engage there. 

These will be places you can continue to connect and receive info on training, mindset, health and other pillars of personal enrichment and achievement.  I’m fortunate to enjoy a global community and often learn from the experience and perspectives of others in that on-line family – so please join us there where you’ll surely make new friends and associates. 

I’d love to exit as I did coming in 25 years ago – having your back. I shared two pages of info with the media and spoke from the heart, moreso with each of you in mind. This serves as a last resource encouraging you to explore your own path outside of the sickness economy and identify the true health inputs that will nourish your mind, body and spirit. 

Everything around you affects your mindset and your biology – including your own self talk. For example, we know motion creates positive e-motion and time in nature improves our cellular landscape. 

Of particular importance for our athletes and all those navigating life’s stressors is restoration. Even smart exercise is a stressor on your cells – to stimulate positive adaptations. Yet not without good recovery. Know your strategies to build up and how to restore – make a sustainable plan with the long game in mind.

Above all however, I hope this letter adequately expresses my thankfulness for every human touchpoint along the way. Truly an incredible journey!  

Our mission here at TWIST, has been to help set others up for success by achieving better results when they are overwhelmed with challenges or positioned for exciting opportunities.  Client metrics for successfully graduating illnesses, improving health and elevating fitness consistently far out performed what the government organizes for society at large. It is ironic to have them close us down in the name of health. 

Over these 25 years we have all enjoyed such a great track record helping people win in both life and sport, and that will serve as the ROI for availing this home to those motivated to strive and the staff who served them.  I am very proud of the long term team here especially deep into our history and purely honoured to have hosted so many clients and athletes who ultimately became integral parts of the TWIST Family.

Thank you very much for your time in our home, your trust, energy, effort, positivity and friendship.  

Stay well and keep focussed on creating your next chapter – I truly believe the best is yet to come!

With Kindness,

Peter Twist 

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