At TWIST, we don’t train; we coach.

Coaching generates the most sustainable results & the most enjoyment and engagement in the process along the way. We coach High Performance athletes & people who want to be become healthier, stronger, more energetic and perform better in their daily lives.

We believe everyone is an athlete and every athlete can improve with proper coaching. TWIST is not just a place to train, it is a place to learn, a place to be challenged and a place to challenge yourself to get better, every day. Come in and experience the TWIST Difference and let the TWIST team of coaches and experts help you BeReady to meet all of your health, fitness, nutrition and performance needs.
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104 Byron Street South, Whitby, ON, L1N 4P4 Canada
General Manager: Jeff Roux
Mon - Thu
Sat - Sun
Click on the link below to view Whitby's adult and sport schedules.
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SPORT Performance CAMPs


Hockey player in action
High Performance Athlete Development camps run throughout the year and vary by location. Contact your local TWIST center to learn more about how we can prepare you for your sport. For information on the TWIST High Performance Hockey Development camps, visit our Hockey Camps page and download the 2017 Hockey Camp kit.

2017 Hockey Camp Registration is OPEN 
Spring Camps – April 3- June 30  
Summer Camps – July 3- September 1 

Life Manifesto Expo
Elevate Your Health with inspiring information and valuable knowledge from our community of health and wellness experts. 

Sunday February 5th 12-5pm at the LHEARN Conference Centre; 1 Hospital Court, Oshawa ON $15 includes parking pass visit http://envents.lakeridgehealth.on.ca for tickets and details. 

Family Day
Monday February 20th – Closed

Nutrition & Yoga Workshop Series
Bring balance to your life in 2017 with these 2 hour workshops featuring Holisitc Nutritionist Tina R. Ward and Yogi Heather Fenton-Narini

Saturday March 11th 2-4pm - Should you DETOX? By Tina R. Ward and a Yoga “Cleanse” session 

Saturday May 6th 2-4pm – Managing STRESS with food and a RESTORATIVE Yoga session
Each session $50 including HST

March Break
March 13-17 – Regular group schedule with daytime student group times and training camps available
TWIST Spring Session starts April 3

Athlete News

Kickstart 2017 with Purpose!
2017 is here. Are you READY? 

Every day you have an opportunity to get better. Every day you can make healthy positive choices and unhealthy, more negative ones. These choices are totally yours to make but whichever direction you choose, you must also choose to be accountable for these decisions. Now is the time to re-set your goals for 2017 but don’t just make a New Year’s Resolution, make an all year resolution to get a little better every day. If you can make this commitment, be accountable for your choices and follow through on reaching your goals, imagine where you will be in December. 

The problem with making resolutions is that they have no measure of accountability. Without specific goals and objectives, no one to help guide the process and no roadmap to success they are set up to fail year after year. 

We often separate the world of fitness and health from the world of High Performance training. Some see a continuum from the casual fitness participant, to the elite athlete who follows a specific, progressive, training program designed to meet their individual needs and performance goals. Shouldn’t everyone have this opportunity? 

At Twist, we believe everyone is an athlete! Whether you are a competitive athlete, a weekend warrior, or someone who simply wants to get better, this athlete focused philosophy and purpose can guide whatever kind of training you decide to do. Twist coaches are not here to simply guide people through workouts, we are here to Inspire, Connect and Educate every Twist athlete in every training session, small group class or nutrition consultation.

People of every age and skill level can benefit from the same kind of planning and progression that guides High Performance athlete training. The objective is the same; teach everyone how to do things properly, coach everyone to get better, and motivate each person in every training session so that they can perform at a high level in sport and in life.

We want to help you BeReady for anything your life or you sport throws at you in 2017. We have a new set of progressive programs and prescriptions for our Winter session including individual goal setting, specific assessment protocols for each group and regular challenges to strut your stuff for yourself, compare to your group or even to TWIST athletes in other centres around the globe. 

Whether you are Inside the Red for a 1-on-1 session, take part in one of our adult our youth fitness programs, custom group or sports team training, our TWIST coaches ensure each individual’s needs, goals and abilities are met, every day. With TWIST customized training and Nutrition, access to UNLIMITED small group classes, purposeful programming and the best coaches on the planet, we will help you improve your health, fitness and performance and help you BeReady to CRUSH your goals in 2017! 

Good luck to all of our Winter sports athletes heading into the competitive season and playoffs!  

Let’s do this! 


Kassidy Sauve
Goalie, Ohio State Women's Hockey
Kassidy is currently in the midst of an impressive season with the Buckeye's with a 10-9-1 record, a Goals Against Average of 1.81 and a .950 Save Percentage. Notably, she is producing results that identify her as the top tier goalie playing within the NCAA Division I ranks. Perhaps even more impressive is her ability to play at such a high level after redshirting the 2015-2016 season due to injury and eventual surgeries on BOTH hip joints (Before she trained at TWIST). 

Kassidy proved was one of the most focussed and determined athletes Inside the Red during the summer of 2016 as she fully committed to the rehab and strength and conditioning process to bring her body back to top physical condition. Her progress was admirable and she continued to show character throughout the process, even when things didn't go exactly as planned. She continues to produce save after save and has posted 6 shutouts already this season! Over the Christmas holidays she was right back in the thick of training at TWIST and didn't let the break cut into her strength and conditioning program. This dedication and commitment to success is why we highlight her as our Twist Whitby Athlete of the Month! 

The TWIST Family wishes continued success to Kassidy as she wraps up her exciting season in the coming months!

Check out Kassidy’s blog at https://kassidysauve.wordpress.com/
Rich Evanoff with his snowboard


Coming Soon

holistic nutrition

Whether you are an active adult who wants to continue aging healthily, a parent with a young family invested in giving your kids a healthy start to life, or a pro athlete striving to find new levels of performance, we will help you navigate the maze of confusing food labels that are actually marketing fake convenience foods, and customize a food program that optimizes your health. Our mission is to get you a body that works and since what you put in your body is just as important as your workout, nutrition is an integral part of your journey to success. 
Check out Tina’s blog posts on Boosting Your Immunity and Hunting for the Perfect Diet on our Blog Page.

Tina R. Ward CNP, RNCP, ROHP

Tina is a graduate of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto where she graduated with honors and earned her designation of Certified Nutritional Practitioner.
Always motivated by continuous improvement and learning, she also completed Iridology certification in both North American and European methods as well as many other certifications including Functional Nutrition. 

Tina is an energetic and enthusiastic holistic nutritional practitioner and operates a private practice in Whitby, Ontario where she provides personal one-on-one consultation for a wide range of clients; from those seeking to improve health and well-being to pro and youth athletes striving to raise performance and gain a competitive edge. Tina’s approach to optimum health spans many areas including nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle counseling. She also delivers practical nutrition based seminars and workshops for sports teams, community groups and corporate wellness programs.

Tina’s passion for wholesome food, health and fitness began as a young woman which ultimately led her to pursuing her calling as a health and wellness advocate. Holistic nutrition has become much more than a career, it has become Tina's passion and she is unequivocally devoted to educating and empowering her clients to take control of their own health.


Education/Degree B.Sc CSCS 
Hometown Pickering, Ontario, Can
Fitness Background Former Team Canada and Division 1 NCAA Baseball player, AE level hockey enforcer
Why I love what I do Having the opportunity to maximize the capabilities of our athletes motivates me everyday. Also, realizing that limitations are internal boundaries that need to be challenged in order to progress.
Favourite Quote or something someone has said to motivate/inspire you – "We don't just change lives, we safe lives" -Peter Twist


Education/Degree Honours BA Kinesiology & Physical Education
Hometown Etobicoke, Ontario Canada
Fitness Background HOCKEY was & always will by my true passion. Also grew up playing Baseball & Soccer
Why I love what I do Coaching is an art form that continuously challenges your cognition and practical applications, an aspect of my job that I covet. I value the ability to intertwine my true passions (fitness & sport) into a job that is highly rewarding and incredibly inspiring.
Favourite Quote or something someone has said to motivate/inspire you – "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" (The Great One, Wayne Gretzky)


Education/Degree BSc in Exercise Science Minor in Adaptive Sports and Recreation 
Hometown Whitby, Ontario, Canada
Fitness Background  I was a Twist Athlete for almost 8 years prior to being a coach. I played NCAA Women's Lacrosse, as well as grew up playing a high level of competitive Hockey and Soccer. I have coached archery, wheelchair basketball and wheelchair rugby for people with different ability levels for several years.
Why I love what I doI enjoy working with and coaching people. I love sharing in the excitement as my clients achieve their personal fitness goals and exceed their own expectations. I hope to motivate, encourage and foster a positive learning environment through sharing my experiences and knowledge. 
Favourite Quote or something someone has said to motivate/inspire you – "The greatest wealth is health" - Virgil


Education/Degree B.A Honours Specialization Kinesiology, MT
Hometown Whitby, ON
Fitness Background Lacrosse, Hockey, Soccer
Why I love what I do I love coaching because it is dynamic, exciting, and there is no better feeling than helping someone achieve their goals - athletically and personally. It's all about the people, the relationships, and the life lessons. Also because I get so much back from my athletes, young and old - they have helped me become the best version of myself, and brought out a side of me I didn't even know existed.
Favourite Quote or something someone has said to motivate/inspire you – "act how you want to feel"; "what I keep inside, I lose forever"


Education/Degree Narini BPE, PTS, TSCC
Hometown Hampton, ON
Fitness Background I am a Linear athlete J - Triathlons, Yoga and love to get on the Floor at TWIST
Why I love what I doWatching people transform their lives for the better- such an awesome feeling to be part of someone’s happiness
Favourite Quote or something someone has said to motivate/inspire you – “Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live!”


Education/Degree BPE; CSCS; TSCC; Director of Performance
Hometown Guelph Ont
Fitness Background Baseball, Volleyball, Cycling but game for anything!
Why I love what I doHaving a career where you get to live your passion, play every day and help others learn, develop and get better is the best job in the world. 
Favourite Quote or something someone has said to motivate/inspire you – “The difference between excellence and mediocrity is commitment.”

Michelle Russell-Murray

Education/Degree BSc (Honours); CFP = PTS
Hometown Whitby, Ontario, Canada
Fitness Background Running, adventure races, ultimate frisbee
Why I love what I do There is nothing better than facilitating clients' desire and efforts to change and get better and to watch them become confident in their abilities
Favourite Quote or something someone has said to motivate/inspire you –"The difference between who/where you are and who/where you want to be is what you do."


Education/Degree Dip. Fitness and Health Promotion. BKIN (C), TSCC-Bronze, CSEP-CPT(C), Precision Elite Sport Nutrition Cert(c)
Hometown Oshawa, On, Can
Fitness Background Lacrosse - Trent University, Hockey, Volleyball, Olympic Lifting, Power Lifting
Why I love what I do I love serving and supporting individual's desires to improve their lives, providing a helping hand and encouragement. Observing and aiding in this transformation presents me great satisfaction.
Favourite Quote or something someone has said to motivate/inspire you – “ Do or do not, there is no try” -Yoda



Join us for a COMPLIMENTARY Personal Training & Assessment session with one of TWIST's Elite Performance Coaches. Your TWIST coach will take you through a 60 minute 1-on-1 session that is completely customized to you, your goals, and the sports or activities you play, as well as your current fitness level and movement abilities. Book your session today and experience the TWIST Difference! 


Rich Evanoff with his snowboard
I joined Twist following Heather from another training facility on her recommendation. My goal was to improve my cycling and not be left behind during a ride. During the years training at Twist, my strength, endurance and cardiovascular capacity have all improved tremendously. My recovery rate after a long ride is also much faster. I have muscle tone which I have never had before and I am the most fit that I have ever been. I can now keep up with my husband when cycling and I am never left behind. Seeing the significant improvement in my cycling is what convinced my husband to participate in Twist. Heather made a believer out of him. Likewise, our son is now a committed participant at Twist. But it was Heather who was instrumental in helping Taison regain his self-confidence by pushing him, guiding him and praising him.
Over the years, Heather has served as a positive role model for Taison . He has expressed his great admiration and respect for all of her athletic accomplishments and the zealous coaching she brings to Twist. Now “full-time” at Twist and with the help of the other coaches, Taison has seen dramatic results - both in his weight loss and physical fitness. Though he does not train regularly with Heather, she has provided the framework for his success: this does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Taison has recently turned from passive by-stander to an active competitor and takes enjoyment in sharing his physical accomplishments with Heather. 
It is our opinion that Heather is an outstanding coach and trainer. Heather is always on time – and can be seen setting up before the class or session starts. 
I always look forward to my work-out at Twist. I love the positive atmosphere and the energy that can always be found at Twist. Heather definitely adds a lot of great energy and drive to the Twist Team. I find Heather's energy very inspiring and it helps me throughout my workout. I have always trusted Heather from the very first workout and know that I am in good hands. I like that she pushes me to do the best that I can in a strong but caring manner.

Although I have been active in fitness and sports most of my life, I would have never considered myself or defined myself as an “athlete”.. until I started training with Coach Phil at Twist Whitby. It amazes mew every day the progress I have made and continue to make , despite my myriad “bag” of injuries. Day in and day out, despite my self doubt, Coach Phil stood by me and worked though the challenges (and injuries) with me. His contagious energy and positive attitude got me though the worse of days when I just didn't think I had in to me to push myself any further.  
His training style is simple: Coach Phil always said we were a “team”…and honestly, this has made all the difference with my training goals. Wouldn't train anywhere else or with anyone else. Twist Whitby…. Best place on earth. Home away from home. 

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