Hunting for the Perfect Diet

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Hunting for the Perfect Diet

by Tina R. Ward HolisticNutritionist (CNP; RNCP; ROHP)

Mulder and Scully are not alone. UFOs, Bigfoot, The Loch Ness Monster; many of us want to believe. We know the truth is out there. We are all looking for answers.

When it comes to hunting for the perfect diet, we all want to believe it exists. That there is a simple solution that will finally work. In reality, the facts are as elusive as the quest for evidence in the list above.

Vegan, Paleolithic, all of the “Tarians” (Lacto-Vegetarian, Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Flexitarian, Noodletarian, Fruitarian), the specialist Diets (The Zone, Pritkan, Ornish, Atkins), the diet brands (Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutri/System), the “your unique physiology” programs (Blood Type Diet, Body Type Diet, Macrobiotic Diet, Metabolic Type Diet), the natural health angle programs (Hippocrates Raw Food Diet, The Detox Diet), the Fasts (Optifast, Medifast), it does not end there.

The Carbohydrate Addicts Diet, The Whole 30 Program, The G.I. Diet, Colour Therapy and Rainbow Diets (not a joke), The 21 Day Fixed Container Diet, The Grapefruit Diet, The Banana Diet…I am only scratching the surface here.

A diet is whatever we eat! But what is the Perfect diet?

When I say the word diet,  what do you think? Weight loss…deprivation …restriction…being isolated…tasteless food…no fun?

Almost every day I hear, “What diet do YOU follow?” and  “Tell me, what is the PERFECT diet?”

The answers? Well, for the first question, I follow the Tina Diet, which means simply, whatever is best for Tina. It also means, in this season, at this time, on this day, to achieve my goals, address my unique bio-chemical individuality. Officially I like to call it the, “What is Best for Tina Don’t Try to Label My Diet, Diet.”

For the second question, “What is the perfect diet?” My answer is, “the perfect diet for what?”

I’m not perfect, but I’m perfect for you!” – Grace Jones

The human body requires food to function. Food is essential to provide nutrients, to preserve life and promote cell and tissue growth. From umbilical cord to our geriatric years, our nutrient requirements will constantly change, so our “perfect” diet is the diet that adapts and fluctuates with our needs. It should be in sync with our activity level, what season we are in and it should address specific health issues or goals. Each individual diet should be in sync with how we live.

There is no universal perfect diet….but each of us can have a diet that is optimal for YOU.

The more information we have access to, the more complicated nutrition and healthy eating seem
have become. For many it is intimidating and out of reach. This is understandable as popular media push expensive, “designer” health foods or exotic and mysterious Superfoods. High prices for freshproduce, $8 Cauliflower, the latest and greatest trendy packaged foods using sexy health jargon and buzz words, hundreds if not thousands of nutrition blogs all offering contradictory advice…it can be exhausting!

But the honest truth is, eating healthy is not complicated.

It does, however, involve a mindset shift. Eating healthy must be a priority. Eating healthy must be valued and honored. Eating healthy must be earned. To be truly healthy, one must eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle! There are no shortcuts.

In reality, the components of a healthful diet can be quite simple.

Here are some guidelines to help you Feed YOUR Ready:

  • Eat real food: alive food, fresh food, unprocessed or minimally processed food, food that grows from the ground, can be plucked from a tree or harvested from the sea. Food in its natural state as it is found in nature.
  • There is no such thing as junk food: it is either food or it’s junk. Avoid processed, refined, deep fried, packaged, and prepared. Avoid foods with added sugars, preservatives, colours and flavours.
  • Water: Drink it. Drink plenty of it…it is nectar for survival!
  • Veggies Rule: the majority of your plate should be filled with vegetables – include plenty of colours – “eat a rainbow”.
  • Be mindful: sit down at the table; turn off the T.V., computer and cell phone. Focus on what you’re eating. Think about where it came from. Take your time and chew your food thoroughly.

We are all looking for answers. We all want to know the truth. The truth is, there is no perfect diet for everyone, and no one person has the perfect diet. You need to focus on what your body needs, what your goals are, and what works for you.

If you have questions about the perfect diet for YOU, please CONTACT ME  for a FREE consultation.

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