Health, Fitness & Performance for Grown-Ups

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As parents we do everything we can for our kids. We spend our money on lessons, teams, tournaments, programs and training to help them stay active and get better in their activities. We spend our time on driving them to all of the above. We spend our energy making  sure they get everything they need to progress, learn and get better. In the end we often leave very little money, time or energy for ourselves. We become martyrs to the needs of our kids and it is easy to use that as an excuse to not focus on our own needs, our own health and our own performance in life. Too many parents live vicariously through their kids, neglecting their own needs settling for an unhealthy lifestyle of their own.

You don’t get a better A** by sitting on it and our goal is to help you Get Off Yours! Now is the perfect time to flip the script and turn the focus on your needs, your health and you performance in life every day. It is the time to become a role model and an example to your kids to eat better, move better and live better. Health, fitness and performance is not just for young, healthy, active kids, it is for everyone and there is no excuse for not taking advantage of the time, opportunities and coaching available to you   BeReady   for your sport and your life every day.

At TWIST , everyone is an athlete!

Whether you are re-starting from square one, still a competitive athlete, weekend warrior or simply an active person
who wants to rise to the challenge to get better. The TWIST philosophy and purpose can guide whatever kind of training you decide to do and give you the foundation to train like an athlete as well.

Athletes of every age and skill level can benefit from the same kind of planning, prescription and progression that guides high performance athletes. The objective with every “athlete” is the same. To teach them how to do things properly, coach them to get better doing them, and to motivate them to challenge themselves to achieve more in every training session so that they can perform at a high level in their sport and in their life.

We Don’t Train, We Coach

At Twist, we coach High Performance athletes & people who want to be become healthier, stronger, more energetic and perform better in their daily lives. Being High Performance is not just about performing well in sport, it is about performing well in life, being physically fit, healthy, active and having a body that works – inside and out. It is about the food you eat, the stress you incur and the output that results. This is not just for elite athlete but for everyone from kids to adults. Everyone can be better.

This is the difference between a focused long-term development strategy and “working out” every day. This is the difference between training to reach specific goals and daily EXER-tainment that will keep people active, have fitness and health benefits and burn calories but has no true long-term vision. From a customer service perspective, this can also be the biggest difference maker for long-term adherence and success for an individual exercise program.

Health, Fitness and Performance is a Journey NOT a Destination

A long-term development plan is built around an annual strategy with specific seasonal progressions derived from competitive schedules and focused specifically around individual goals. This is the way we train high performance athletes, this is the way we train our adult and youth athletes, and this is the way everyone should organize their own training programs. The concepts, principles and progressions are based on the same sport science needs, the details, specifics and outcomes are based on individual needs, skill levels and objectives.

  • Where am I right now?
  • Where do I want to be in the next few months?
  • Where do I want to be in the Next 5 years?
  • How do I get there?
  • Who can help me?


As individuals get older, move less, sit more and spend more time ensuring the kids make it to their practices and games than making time for their own strength and conditioning, the ability to move well is inhibited. Injuries and movement dysfunctions begin to settle in and many people put off finding ways to get moving well again. Whether you are an elite athlete or a stay at home mom, everyone can benefit from moving better. Movement is simply about taking muscles through a full, functional range of motion and expanding that range of motion. It is about stabilizing the joints to handle deceleration and direction changes without injury. It is about developing explosive muscle firing patterns to accelerate quickly and change gears efficiently. It is about developing a variety of energy systems from short burst anaerobic to long duration endurance. Movement challenges your body to stop and go and challenges your heart and lungs to adapt to a variety of conditioning intervals and intensities. Movement will help you perform better in sport and in life.


There is often a misconception in the industry that if we train from an athletic movement based perspective that we somehow do not train strength. In fact, the opposite is true. It is because we train strength from an athletic movement perspective that when we train strength, the strength can be more effectively applied to the athletic environment and have a more direct effect on Sport performance, not just on size and strength development.

Strength is relative to age, skill and physical abilities but everyone needs to learn how to execute basic motor patterns better. Squatting, stepping, lunging, pushing, pulling, etc. are all inherent human movements that require physical literacy to be executed well. The amount volume and frequency of applying load to these movements is where the art and science of coaching and training experience truly come into play for different ages and abilities.

By establishing postural control, stability and mobility, and movement mechanics within the strength training progressions we can ensure a combination of maximal movement efficiency and strength development in a safe, controlled environment where quality of movement takes precedence over quantity of load. Of course, we also love to maximize every opportunity for our athletes to pick up and put down heavy things, we just want to be sure that they do it well.


It is exciting to see strength training make a resurgence over the past few years and to see adults excited about getting stronger. One thing that people must realize when it comes to training strength is that moving any load is a movement skill and there are many elements that must come together to execute strength training technique besides moving weight up and down. If you cannot perform a movement properly in the first place and you load it and try to move it when it is heavier, injury is inevitable. Athletes must be able to execute proper movement patterns and muscle firing patterns in order to get stronger. First, learn to move properly, then load, lift and challenge the movement.

EAT Real Food

WHITBY — Holistic Nutritionist Tina Ward spoke with her client Cole Leal at the TWIST Sport Conditioning Centre. August 11, 2016.

We believe training is only part of the solution to improving your health, fitness and performance. The  TWIST Total Nutrition Program  is designed to help you learn, understand and apply a more comprehensive approach to eating that helps support the demands of your sport, your training program and whatever challenges life throws at you. We explore not only the food you need to fuel performance but also what specific nutrients you need to function at an optimal level.

Train for Life

To be truly successful in business, athletics, your relationships or your life, you need goals, proper planning and some expert coaching and guidance to help you succeed. Just showing up is never enough and not showing up is unacceptable. Now is the time to get off your A**, get moving and get better.  #GetOffYours