At TWIST, we don’t train; we coach.

TWIST Portland offers personal training, small group classes, athlete performance training programs, and team training opportunities for kids, athletes, and adults. Whether you are a mom looking to stay in shape for your kids, an active adult training for a marathon or iron man, or a high school athlete looking to improve their speed and strength to earn a scholarship, TWIST Portland will help you get there!

 We believe everyone is an athlete and every athlete can improve with proper coaching. TWIST is not just a gym or a place to train, it is a place to learn, a place to be challenged and a place to challenge yourself to get better, every day. Come in and experience the TWIST Difference and let the TWIST team of coaches and experts help you BeReady to meet all of your health, fitness, nutrition and performance needs. 

TWIST Portland Services
 Adults: Personal training, functional fitness classes, strength and conditioning, weight training, open gym 
Kids: Private training, small group fitness classes, speed agility and quickness training 
Athletes: Personal training programs, strength and conditioning, weight training, team training, speed and strength programs, small group advanced athlete performance classes, open gym
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General Manager: Josh Hunt
Mon - Thu


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Clare Gravenall


TWIST Half Marathon Training 
On February 18th, the TWISTed Sisters completed a half marathon and proved why strength training is such an important part of half marathon training. We each have a bit of a different story, with different goals and training styles, but all three of us trained at TWIST 2-3 days a week and we all accomplished the goals we set for ourselves in this race! 
TESS: This was my 5th half marathon, the first one I ran with my mom when I was 18 for her 50th birthday. The next 3 I ran in 2013 all in one year, my best time was 2:41, and my training consisted of running my ass off and 2 days of body pump class at a big box gym. This time around was completely different! When we started training for the race, I had been at TWIST for a year and a half. Being TWIST Trained allowed me to immediately kill it up the hills, when I would have walked before, and also gave me more confidence in my running. Before I would run/walk, and thought that was the only way I would ever be able to do it. In the past, I would try to run more often and longer distances, but could never run more than 3 miles without walking. After training at TWIST consistently, I was running 4-5 miles without stopping right at the start of our race training, making it much more enjoyable. So my goal was to run the entire 13.1 without walking this time around, and I did it!My time was 2:34 and I felt GREAT! 
ANDREA: I have been going to TWIST for two years in the adult fitness classes. I run some on the side, but I didn’t get serious about training for a half marathon until six weeks prior to the race. I have ran a half marathon before (best time was 2 hrs 15 min) and this time the run training was so much easier! There is no way I would have been able to train for a half in six weeks if I hadn’t had the TWIST training under my belt. The main difference is I notice I am much stronger and can tackle hills easier. This half I completed in 1 hr 59 min. That is a big time difference and I owe it all to my TWIST training. 
 KARIS:When Tess suggested we do a half marathon, my first thought was, "no way, I'm not a runner." Then I paused, and my second thought was, "wait, I am TWIST trained, I can accomplish this!” Being part of the TWIST family gave me the confidence and strength to tackle my first half marathon and feel great while doing so. The race was a huge success, I finished in 1:51, and now I look forward to more. TWIST has enabled me to say, "I am a runner, and I can do it!" 
Sample Training Week: 
Monday: TWIST Complete, run after (2-4 miles) 
Tuesday: TWIST Move 
Wednesday: Run (3-5 miles) 
Thursday: TWIST HIT
 Friday: Sprints, 10x100 yards or 10x30 seconds on the treadmill
 Saturday: Long Run (6-11 miles)
 Sunday: Rest

Jason Kirkland


 Gavyn S.
I have had the great privilege of working with Gavyn for almost a year now. She is one of the first athletes I started training when I first began at TWIST. Needless to say, Gavyn knows how to stay consistent. Not only has she demonstrated consistency in the frequency in the days she trains each week, but also how to be consistent in high effort and energy every time she trains. These are two very difficult traits to have and be associated with on a daily basis. For many months Gavyn has been training with me at least two times per week. On Wednesdays she drives 30 minutes from her softball practice and comes to TWIST to train until 9 PM. Almost every day I ask her "How are you feeling today Shafer? How’s the body holding up?" Every time she responds, "Good." I reply by asking "Are you feeling tired?" She responds, "A little, but I’m ready to go." This exchange is why I love working with Gavyn. No matter how she is feeling or whatever is going on in her life, she shows up to train without any complaints or bad efforts the entire session. These qualities that she possesses as a person and athlete is why I love working with her. Her driven personality and commitment to her craft and her goals would make any coach excited and grateful to help her be the best she can be.

    Since Gavyn started training with me last spring, she came to me as an already high ceiling athlete with good ability during her performance assessment. As a performance coach my eyes lit up with excitement to work with her. After months of consistent hard work, Gavyn is getting better every time she comes to train. She leaves our training sessions better than she was when she walked in. Since last spring, she has improved dramatically in all aspects of athletic ability and performance. Since last summer:

6/1/16                                                        12/10/16
Vertical Jump: 20 in.                    Vertical Jump:22 in. 
Broad Jump: 6 Ft.4 in.                Broad Jump: 7 Ft. 2 in.
10 Yard Sprint: 1.70 sec.          10 Yard Sprint:1.60 sec.
300 Yd Shuttle:1:05.94 sec.   300 Yd Shuttle:1:04.5 sec. 
Push ups: 15                                     Push ups: 21
Pull ups: 0                                          Pull ups: 2 
Squat;N/A                                          Squat: 200 lbs.
Bench:N/A                                         Bench: 110 lbs.
As you can see, hard work, consistency and great family support from her father Jackson and her mother Courtney is paying off for her with great improvement. Both in the gym and on the diamond! Gavyn is about to begin her sophomore year of softball at Century High school and has become a heavily recruited shortstop in the class of 2019! I am looking forward to continuing our training together and watching all her future successes in the gym, on the diamond, and off the field as well.  
Rich Evanoff with his snowboard


Coming soon!


Education/Degree WOU (2010-2015) B.S. Exercises Science, Minor in Sports Leadership
Hometown Beaverton, OR
Fitness Background 
- 3 sport athlete in H.S. (Football, wrestling, Lacrosse)
- Played college football at WOU (2010-2015)
- Internship in both WOU Strength/conditioning and PSU Strength/Conditioning
- Personal Trainer at LA Fitness (August 2015 - December 2015)
- Twist Sports Performance Coach (March 2016 - present)
Why I love what I do I love doing what I do because of the people and athletes that I have the privilege of working with every day. Like most former athletes, Plan A is to play sports for the rest of our lives and go on to the professional leagues and the Olympics. However many of us are not fortunate enough to play competitive sports after high school and college. Plan B is an occupation involved in the sports we each are passionate for. As for me, being a Sports Performance Coach here at Twist is tied with being a professional athlete. I love being around people and athletes that have a true desire and passion to better themselves in athletics and in life. I love being a coach here at Twist because it give me the opportunity to be a part of something that can truly change people’s lives for the better. It is amazing to think that I can help a parent be more active with their kids. Help an aspiring high school athlete take their game to the next level and go on to play at the next level. Helping a professional in their sport go from being a good athlete to an elite athlete. These aspects of my job is why I love what I do. Being a part of these kinds of accomplishments is one of the most rewarding things I have ever been apart of in my 24 years. Being able to come to work every day and feel like I'm not really at work and make a significant difference in people’s lives is also why I love what I do. These are some of the many reasons why I love doing what I do.
Favourite Quote or something someone has said to motivate/inspire you – "You have to love the process just as much as you love the prize. Fall in love with the process and the results will come." -Eric Thomas


Education/Degree  BS in exercise and sports science from Oregon State University
Hometown  Albany, Oregon 
Fitness Background Collegiate football player with a love for all sports
Why I love what I do  Being able to help athletes of all ages and abilities reach their goals not only physically, but psychologically and emotionally is one of the most rewarding gifts we can give. We only have one body and being able to allow an elite athlete unlock their highest potential or help someone be able to play with their children or grandchildren pain-free motivates me to be the best coach, teacher, and friend I can be. 
Favorite Quote or something someone has said to motivate/inspire you  -"Champions do extra." - "Legacy" by James Kerr


Education/Degree B.Sc. 
Hometown Pittsburgh, PA
Fitness Background Track and Field – University of Tennessee
Why I love what I do I love the relationships we develop with athletes and their families. I am interested in long term athlete relationships and long term athlete development. Watching our athletes and clients reach their goals in sport and life and knowing that we played a part in that is why I do what I do.
Favourite Quote or something someone has said to motivate/inspire you – “No citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. What a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” – Socrates


Education/Degree B.S. CSCS Human Physiology University of Oregon
Hometown Lihue, Hawaii (Island of Kaua'i)
Fitness Background High School Basketball and Volleyball
Why I love what I do I love what I do because I love seeing the face people make when they are able to see and feel the progress of what they worked so hard for.
Favourite Quote or something someone has said to motivate/inspire you – "Because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion". -Michael Jordan


Director of Marketing, Sales and Public Relations
Education/Degree B.A. International Marketing – Whittier College, M.B.A. – Ashford University
Hometown San Diego, CA
Fitness Background Softball and Cheerleading, Whittier College
Why I love what I do I love seeing athletes of all ages progress and see success from their hard work. Playing sports allowed me to create lifelong friendships with my teammates and coaches, it’s great to see those same friendships and connections begin and develop with coaches and athletes on our training room floor.
Favourite Quote or something someone has said to motivate/inspire you – “If you work hard, good things will happen.” Charles Gwynn Senior

Lansen Villanueva

Education/Degree   B.S. in Exercise Science with an Emphasis in Motor Behavior
Hometown  Honolulu, Hawaii 
Fitness Background High School/Collegiate Soccer 
W hy I love what I do  On a daily basis, I motivate myself to become the best person that I can be. Here at Twist, you can see the motivation in every single athlete and adult that comes in for a workout. I love being able to help these extremely motivated people strive to become the best they can be and accomplish their goals and dreams
Favorite Quote or something someone has said to motivate/inspire you - You dream. You plan. You Reach. There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. There will be mistakes. But with hard work, with belief, with confidence and trust in yourself and those around you, there are no limits. Michael Phelp



Join us for a COMPLIMENTARY Personal Training & Assessment session with one of TWIST's Elite Performance Coaches. Your TWIST coach will take you through a 60 minute 1-on-1 session that is completely customized to you, your goals, and the sports or activities you play, as well as your current fitness level and movement abilities. Book your session today and experience the TWIST Difference! 


Rich Evanoff with his snowboard
TWIST feels like home to me now. It’s a warm and positive environment where I can start my day. Working out at TWIST in the morning helps me feel energized and focused during my work day and I have increased fitness/muscle over the longer term. Advice I have for those thinking about training at TWIST is wherever you are at now is the best place to start from.

Since starting at TWIST I no longer have chronic pain in my knees. That’s been by far the best part for me, and TWIST helped me get there, while getting the rest of my body in great shape. TWIST has helped me get stronger while taking my particular needs and issues into consideration. I really didn’t understand how to work out in a healthy way before I started here, and my knee problems kept me from doing much. Before coming to TWIST I couldn’t run, jump, bike, or even go for a long walk without pain. Now I can do all that and more! Enough said!

I have increased my endurance since I started training at TWIST, but primarily I have increased my self confidence. Even if something feels impossible, I know I can probably do it! TWIST is the only work out facility I’ve actually looked forward to going to, and actually enjoyed the workout. I feel motivated by the trainings and the other members to do my best.

Rich Evanoff with his snowboard
We are so grateful to Josh Hunt and TWIST for playing such an integral role in the athletic development and success of our boys. We truly believe that TWISTt made all the difference in pushing them to that next level. They are two very different kids, two very different sports, and TWIST customized a program for each of them that transformed them in all ways. We are so grateful for TWIST and their commitment to and passion for our kids. On signing day, when it came to gratitude, TWIST and Josh were #1 on the list.

The first day I walked into TWIST was with one of my best friends, All American player, Christo Michelson. He invited me to join him to help him stay motivated and to have a partner to push him. When it comes to working hard Christo and I love it. Christo told me before our first workout that it was going to be very hard and that I wouldn't feel my legs the next day. Well he was right. Not only did TWIST make you work hard, but it touched many improvements in my game that I wouldn't have improved without the help of twist and Josh Hunt. Speed, agility, reaction, strength, form, balance, etc.
 All these and more had been improved without the soccer ball. The details to every movement helped me improve my game, and the little things are what make the difference between winning a game and losing a game. I can say to this day that TWIST has helped me a lot and I wish that I had it here in the Netherlands. Every single time I’m back home I make sure I get a workout with a good friend of mine Josh Hunt. Big thanks to the program. I had amazing experiences there. At the end of the day it was hard work, but it didn't stop us from having a good time/laugh.

Rubio Rubin – Professional Soccer Player, FC Utrecht / US National Team
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