Personal Training
No one WANTS to be overweight; yet I see -INSERT FAST FOOD RESTAURANT NAME HERE- bags lying on the ground in every public parking lot. Not only did someone choose to eat this crap over healthier options, they also couldn’t take 15 seconds to get off their A**es and put it in the trash.
No one WANTS to be unhealthy yet I am shocked by how often I still see (and smell) smoke rising outside of every public building (including schools and arenas), along every sidewalk and I regularly watch sparks fly out of car windows as still lit butts are carelessly tossed out.
No one WANTS to be injured and unable to move well as they age; yet I see people missing the opportunity to get up, get out and get better, every day.

You are accountable for every decision you make. Everything you do (or do not do), everything you eat, every time you you exercise, go for a walk, get out and play with your kids…… all of it makes a difference. You are accountable for everything you put in your body, what you demand from it and what you allow it to be able to do for you by how hard you challenge yourself to get better.
It is not that difficult.
Get up. Eat Real food. Move.
If you want to learn how to make better nutritional choices, how to move better, how to move faster, how to live longer, how to keep up with your kids, find someone who understands what YOU need, how to teach you how to move properly, move safely, and move better, how to motivate you to get going and inspire you to keep going.
You are in control of your health, your fitness, your wellness and your performance each day.
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