Personal Fitness Classes



Forget the days of packed aerobics classes, treadmills or cardio sessions you can finish while watching TV or texting from your phone.

To get results, your mind needs to be engaged because movement starts with the mind. It’s how your body’s systems work together and it’s how you get results. Unfortunately, it’s a fact that is often forgotten and unfortunately in many cases, not even explained.

You also need a class size that is small enough to ensure you get the appropriate amount of attention – to keep you challenged, to meet your goals, to be customized to your abilities and to most importantly, reduce your potential for injury.

TWIST ’s small group training classes are geared to men and women of any age or fitness level, and with a 1:10 coach to client ratio, we keep an eye on everyone in the group, ensuring each participant is challenged appropriate to their abilities and needs.


  • Effectiveness of personal training but at a fraction of the cost
  • 10:1 client to coach ratio providing personalized attention and maximizing results.
  • 12-week progressive training model ensures you are maximizing results each week, while minimizing injury.
  • Using Smart Muscle ™ paradigm connecting mind with movement
  • Motivate yourself personally or get help from your teammates!

Contact your local TWIST center to view schedules.


TWIST Complete
Our most complete training class on the menu. TWIST Coaches will lead you through all aspects of the TWIST Methods paradigm including balance, movement, strength, conditioning, core & mobility. TWIST Complete is designed to improve your overall fitness, meet your athletic goals and create a body that works and functions effectively for the daily demands of life.

TWIST Lift & Go
This class combines a 45 minute version of TWIST COMPLETE with a 30 minute aerobic workout. A TWIST coach will lead you through a strength-based workout before taking you on the trails, streets, or on the indoor bikes for a cardiovascular system challenge. Get strong, get sweaty, Be Ready!

With TWIST HIT (High Intensity Training) the TWIST Coaches will challenge your mental and physical capacity. TWIST HIT is an Earn-Every-Rep Session, where you will be leaving everything out on the floor. This program uses a blend of whole-body strength, multi-directional movement and dynamic balance, challenging your energy systems and muscular endurance while maximizing caloric output.

HIT & Recover
TWIST HIT & RECOVER provides the best of both worlds. Get after it for 45 minutes of high intensity training and then nourish and heal your body with 30 minutes of myosfascial release, trigger point and flexibility.

Warrior – NEW
Designed for weekend warriors and tactical athletes alike TWIST Warrior Training blends strength, speed and endurance to help you complete any adventure race or fight any fire. Using unconventional strength training, carries, slams smashes and crawl patterns we will develop your strength, speed and endurance in this fun and unique class. Unleash the warrior within!

TWIST Spin-Core
Join your TWIST Coach on a 45 minute Group Cycling ride combined with 30 minutes of TWIST Core Conditioning. This class is designed to improve your aerobic endurance, leg strength and overall fitness. Expect interval drills, hill work, cycling cadence and technique. Jump off the bike and finish with 30 minutes of TWIST ‘s CORE training methods.

TWIST Bootcamp
TWIST BOOTCAMP uses our top strength and conditioning drills and tools in an outdoor training environment. A TWIST coach will motivate and coach you through every movement and drill. Let us help you push your aerobic and anaerobic capacity to a new level you didn’t think was possible.
*Not available in Fall or Winter

TWIST CORE focuses on developing stability, strength, endurance and rotational power in abdominals, hips, lower back, and glutes using dynamic, challenging drills. Train from the inside out in this low impact workout that builds full-body functional strength.

For those who “like to lift stuff”. TWIST LIFT focuses on building full-body strength and power through our Linked System Methods and Olympic Lifting. TWIST Coaches will progress you through the proper steps and proper mechanics leading to performing your lifts safely and efficiently. Challenge your physical and psychological limits and maximize your GAINS!

TWIST RECOVER is a 30 minute regeneration session that is meant to nourish and heal the body. You will be taken through a variety of long-held stretches combined with myofascial release and trigger point. These sessions can be added onto your weekly plan as a stand-alone class to ensure you are taking the time to balance the body.

In this class, you will move slowly and experience deep release with the support of props, tension release balls, blocks, dowels, bolsters, straps and many more. Postures target tension areas and stiff muscles to complement your regular training and performance sessions. Taught in the TWIST environment by a certified yoga teacher and conditioning coach – suitable for all ages.


TWIST training is unlike any other training you’ve experienced. Yes, it will challenge you but it will also change you for the better, and you probably wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t want a change.
Whether your goal is to maximize your sport performance, increase muscle mass, decrease body fat, compete in an upcoming event, join a league, or just keep up with your kids, we will help you get a body that works for the life you want to live.

Whether you train on your own or with a partner, you will start with a functional assessment that will help your coach measure your current movement mechanics, posture, balance, agility, core strength, and overall conditioning. We’ll discuss your goals, challenges, injuries, nutrition, and then we’ll design a program to meet your personal and athletic fitness goals.


  • Your own personal coach to motivate you through every exercise, ensure proper technique, which ultimately leads to less injury and a more effective workout
  • Your workout program is completely customized to your needs
  • You can book a training time that is convenient to your schedule
  • You can train with a partner to share costs, to share the experience or for extra motivation!


On a mission to bring our fitness, wellness, and team building expertise to the masses, we offer preventative, restorative, and peak performance programs to adults and youth of all ages and fitness levels.

We integrate fitness, nutrition and wellness expertise into a game plan that is customized to help your team realize their full potential, resulting in a physically and mentally strong team of employees who are healthy, confident, and prepared for any challenge the workplace may offer.

Contact your TWIST center to learn more about our customized programs or group discounts.


The TWIST model of Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) involves teaching and coaching athleticism, movement, balance, and strength at an age appropriate and skill based progression of programming in a variety of youth development and sport specific programs for young athletes from the ages of 8-18, from beginner to elite.

Check out your local TWIST center to view class schedules.