Personal Training

Personal Training

“Build a body that works.’

– Peter Twist

TWIST personal training is unlike any other training you’ve experienced before.

We train the body as a whole, incorporating both your mind and muscles. You will absolutely be challenged from toe to finger tip.

When you work privately with one of our coaches, you can expect to be expertly driven towards your goals and dramatically increase your movement, core, strength and balance.

Each one of our Performance Coaches utilizes the TWIST METHODS – which are created by mixing advanced scientific concepts with an intimate understanding of sport characteristics to create ‘outside the box’ exercise ideas which net superior results for your body.

Whether your goal is to maximize your sport performance, increase muscle mass, decrease body fat, compete in an upcoming event, keep up with your kids or be able to get outside and enjoy everything the North Shore has to offer, we will help you create a body that works for the life you want to live.

Whether you train on your own, with a partner or in a small group with your bubble friends; you will start your TWISTexperience with a complimentary functional assessment that will help your coach measure your current movement mechanics, posture, balance, agility, core strength, and overall conditioning. We’ll discuss your goals, challenges, injuries, nutrition, and then we’ll design a program to meet your personal and athletic fitness goals.

*we have both indoor + outdoor training options!*

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