#ChooseNow and make 2018 your best year ever! Take advantage of our #ChooseNow packages to save big while you are starting your year off right! The combination of TWIST Personal Training, Group Classes and Nutrition Coaching with a Meal Plan is guaranteed to help you achieve your health and wellness goals! Join the #ChooseNow movement and recognize the power of your choices and their ability to take you where you want to go!


+ Unlimited Group Training Classes
+ 60 Minute 1-on-1 Functional Assessment
+ 1 Personal Training Session (60 mins)
+ Nutrition Consultation & Coaching Session (45 Mins)
+ Customized Wellness Plan

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+ 2 X Per Week Personal Training (8 Sessions)
+ Your Own Personal Wellness Coach
+ 60 Minute 1-on-1 Functional Assessment
+ Nutrition Consultation & Coaching (45 Mins)
+ Customized Wellness Plans
+ TWIST #ChooseNow Waterbottle

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“I am a single parent to two young girls that look to me to be the guide on their journey. Part of that is a balanced lifestyle where an emphasis is put on physical fitness and participation in sports. They look to me to help make healthy choices and to educate ourselves on healthy nutrition. They also take lessons on the importance of not giving up when the path before you is hard. My physical performance to be active with my two young girls that are 7&9 had been very difficult due to past knee surgeries and inactivity. The TWIST team was able to assess my movement patterns and my areas of weakness (which was pretty much everywhere, LOL). They put together a training program that addressed Core strength, flexibility and resistance along movement lines. I am not going to lie, the first month was brutal and I was pushed to levels of activity I did not think were possible anymore. Now I am able to ski with my girls in the winter and growing list of activities that I do with them. I feel better physically and mentally that I have in my life. I cannot tell you what a transition that this has been in my life.

Now I am physically active every day. I train at TWIST twice a week. I have a much healthier outlook on proper nutrition. And I chase my girls from one activity to another. I am stronger and more flexible and stronger than I have been since my twenties. I am 20 lbs lighter, not that this metric is very important. I feel better in my own skin and mountain bike the hell out of the single track courses with people 30 years younger and kick their ass in the activity…..LOL. There is no way to say thank you that can convey the look I get from my two daughters when I am out hiking or playing soccer or keeping up with them….. From them, thank you for giving the physicality to enjoy life with them….


"We were your typical inactive couple less than 1 year ago. We had a diet high in fat, sugar, and fast food. We were overweight, over-tired and certified couch potatatoes! My mom had fallen and broken her hip and watching her struggle to even learn to get up out of a chair was difficult. Driving up in front of Twist that first day in January was scary. I was worried I wouldn't be able to do the workout physically. Truthfully I was embarrassed by the condition I had allowed myself to get in. That day was life changing! I have met the most encouraging, supportive people. Personally I have lost 53 pounds, 4 sizes and am the strongest I have ever been. Rob has lost about 10 pounds, 2 sizes and gained a significant amount of muscle! We try to plan out our weekly menus to make grocery shopping faster and easier. It helps to avoid the fall back into the old habit of fast food. Our family all participated in a run in June- 2 of us completed a half marathon, 2 of us 10km, and several more participated in the 5km run. Our middle son is currently training for a marathon in May with the hope that he'ĺl qualify for Boston in 2019. Date night for us has changed from a weekly outing at a local restaurant to a Wednesday night HIT class! We still go out for dinner occasionally but we choose carefully off the menu. Our friends and family all know not much gets in the way of our workout schedule... some don't understand it but thats OK. We are now teaching our grown kids that it's important to make time for yourself that’s what actually gives us the energy to take care of the people that we love. We are healthier, happier, stronger and more confident. "

Rob & Jo

"I recently moved to the Whitby are and was looking for a health club to join. I wanted to lose weight and get healthier before my doctor forced me to. I have many friends my age who have suffered serious health issues and I didn’t want to be one of them. After investigating several facilities, I came to Twist on the recommendation of a neighbour. I was greeted warmly and felt immediately welcome and comfortable with the environment and the staff. I, like many others was arrogant enough to think I could do it on my own and failed. The Twist Whitby coaches and Tina, the Holistic Nutritionist are patient with me, they motivate me, won’t let me quit when I am exhausted, and encourage me to work harder. I am starting to see improvement in myself and feel confident that I am doing the correct types of exercises, and I am in good hands. I would recommend to anyone who wants or needs to change their life to come to Twist. There is an old saying, “when the student is ready, the teacher appears” that is certainly true in my case."

Don KwasnyciaChPC, MLF; National Skeet Team Coach