Hockey players

High Performance Hockey Development: Developing the Complete Player

When you think of the word HOCKEY, what comes to mind? For many in today’s game, responses such as dangle, snipe, bardown, silky mitts, cheddar, twig, ...
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Hunting for the Perfect Diet 

Mulder and Scully are not alone. UFOs, Bigfoot, The Loch Ness Monster; many of us want to believe. We know the truth is out there. We are all looking for answers. When it comes to hunting for the perfect diet, we all want to believe it exists.  That there is a simple solution that will finally work. In reality, the facts are as elusive as the quest for evidence in the list above...
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Canada’s TWIST Sport Conditioning selected by China Olympic Committee
12 week nutrition journey

12 Week Nutrition Journey to Optimal Health

The New Year is the perfect time to challenge yourself to reboot your nutrition and lifestyle habits. Join me on a unique 12 week journey to establish and implement healthy lifestyle habits and dietary practices...
Performance and recovery

Performance & Recovery: 
Sleep is When the Magic Happens

Did You Know: A lack of sleep decreases your appetite and suppresses hormones?
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