Off-Season Baseball Development: Training for Spring Training

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by Jeff Roux B.P.E; CSCS, TSCC GOLD  “Baseball is 90% mental. The other half is physical.” – Yogi Berra – Baseball has famously been called a game of inches. Anyone who has ever guessed fastball and flailed at a breaking ball, hugged the line and watched a hot smash shoot up the middle or tried to paint the outside corner but missed belt high, knows that consistency, strategy, and a confident approach at the plate can all determine success or failure on the diamond. I hate to disagree with Yogi, as mental preparation will certainly contribute to on-field success, but…

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Raising Healthy Kids in a Fortnite World

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by Jeff Roux B.P.E.; CSCS; TSCC Gold They say, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and that, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, this is nowhere more accurate than in today’s pop culture and politics where many things are polarizing. New ideas and issues catch the cultural zeitgeist and grab people’s attention then, like a giant human magnet, some people are pulled toward them and some are repulsed. This phenomenon is even more true in today’s digital culture where going viral no longer requires a hazmat suit and a quarantine, but instead invades all aspects of social…

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Mike Mowat: Leader of ONE!

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There is a great mantra at TWIST that says: “A LEADER OF ONE, A LEADER OF MANY; IF YOU CAN’T LEAD ONE, YOU CAN’T LEAD ANY!”  Taking care of yourself, being accountable to your health and wellness, and setting yourself up for success is infectious. People recognize it, people respect it, and people react to it. It sets the tone for other people and suddenly they want to follow your example. This is how a movement begins. Mike Mowat epitomizes the concept of a true Leader of ONE. He is a role model, willing to take on new challenges and…

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by Jeff Roux B.P.E; CSCS; TSCC Gold NARP; Noun (*Urban Dictionary) a Non-Athletic Regular Person.  Everyone needs to move. Everyone needs to move better and everyone can be more athletic. In our world Inside the Red at TWIST, we are leading a movement for the extinction of NARPs because we believe everyone is an athlete. Our goal is to turn NARPS into MARPS (More Athletic Regular People of course!) Whether you are a NARP, an elite athlete working to succeed at the next level, a mom trying to manage her job, family, and her own fitness, or a grandfather who…

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Golf Sport Conditioning

Awaken the Force for Golf Performance

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by Jeff Roux B.P.E.; CSCS, TSCC Gold “Golf is deceptively simple; and endlessly complicated.”– Arnold Palmer – Few people think of golf as exercise and most underestimate the physical requirements and the demands on the body. Don’t let the casual clothes, golf carts and the 19th hole fool you. Whether you are a single digit handicap or play winter rules until August, a properly designed golf conditioning program can be essential to bringing down your score and keeping you healthy. Despite the seemingly easy physical requirements of the game overall, the explosive power and rotational forces of the golf swing can put…

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