Take the Next Step In Your Career.

Take the Next Step In Your Career.

For the first timeĀ ever, TWIST Performance + Wellness in North Vancouver is welcoming external fitness trainers and healing specialists to serve their own clients and leverage TWIST to help build up and sustain their independent business.

We understand that there have now been a few facilities that are either closing or have been closed due to COVID-19. So, we’ve decided to open our doors and extend an invitation for external trainers and practitioners to consider a collaboration with us.

For 25 years TWIST Conditioning has been leading functional exercise education globally, introducing new methods and certifying fitness, sport and health professionals.

We have created several gold and silver medalists, 4 MVP players in 3 sports, worked with countless NHL players and graduated over 20,000 athletes from our sport programs.

Our industry is a small one and our surrounding local community means the world to us. If this opportunity resonates with you or if you are in need of elevating your independent health and wellness business, we are here for you.

Contact Samantha for more information: smcleod@twistconditioning.com

We are all in this together!

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