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Spring Camps – April 3 – June 30 
Summer Camps – July 3 – September 1 

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Twist Hockey

Official Training Facility of the Vancouver Giants


Founded by Peter Twist, a Hockey Strength and Conditioning pioneer, and 11 year veteran NHL Conditioning Coach & Exercise Physiologist, TWIST High Performance Hockey Camps continue to lead the way in hockey conditioning and player development from pee-wees to prospects to pros. 
Over the past 20 years, TWIST’s HP Hockey Camps have been the off-season training home for some of the NHL’s top players, including former stars Mark Messier, Pavel Bure, Trevor Linden and current stars Daniel & Henrik Sedin, Dan Hamhuis, Morgan Rielly, David Jones and Karl Alzner. 

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North Vancouver Free Session

PRO (NHL, AHL, Minors, Europe)
Junior/College (WHL, OHL, QMJHL, NCAA, JR A)
Midget (00, 01, 02) 
Bantam (03, 04) 
Pee –Wee (05, 06)  4 Week Camp Only – July 4-Aug 18 *dates may vary per location 
Join our full Off-Season Development Camp (April- August), our 13 Week Spring Camp, our 8 Week High Performance Camp, or let us customize your off-season training to meet your schedule, budget and development needs. Our on-ice and off-ice elite Hockey Coaches will you get better, every day!
• Phase 3 – May 29 – June 30: STRENGTH, SPEED & POWER DEVELOPMENT
Players can join in at any time
8 Week High Performance Camp – July 3- August 25 
Weekly Camps - July 3 – September 1


July 3- August 25

TWIST’s High Performance 8 Week Hockey Camp is an all-inclusive camp that takes care of all your off-season needs. This integrated program is designed to take your game to new levels with extensive high-transfer dryland training, on-ice training and skills, scrimmaging, powerskating, testing, nutrition, athletic yoga, recovery and regeneration sessions, mental training, and more. Each player receives their own Sport Conditioning Coach that will oversee their off-season program.

Your coach will personalize the program, set goals, communicate with the on-ice coaching staff and motivate and mentor each athlete. Dryland training sessions take place Monday to Friday and on-ice sessions are three to four times per week (depending on location). The cost of the week program is the same price as 6 weeks allowing the flexibility for players to leave the camp for 1, 2 or 3 weeks for tryouts, pro and junior camps, or to get some vacation time in. If you are an elite player and are highly motivated to get even better, the Elite High Performance Hockey Camp is for you!

Homestay programs (billeting) are available for all out of town athletes.
• Off-ice Development:100+ hours o off-ice development including an 8 week periodized program that focuses on balance, acceleration-deceleration, explosive speed, agility, reactivity, strength and power, rotary power, anaerobic energetics, core strength, flexibility and mobility.
• Ice:30 + hours of on-ice development that includes speed, agility and quickness, powerskating, skating mechanics, acceleration, individual skill development, tactics, large and small space scrimmaging, and conditioning. (Hours of ice may vary per location)
• Testing:Athlete assessments & hockey performance testing (Pre and Post), on-ice movement testing (speed, acceleration, change of direction)
• Player Development Services:TWIST Coach mentorship, mental training, sports nutrition, massage therapy, recovery and regeneration, athletic yoga.
Personal coach and mentor to personalize each athletes program, set goals, communicate with
• Nutrition Education and Meal Planning– Learn how to fuel your body for optimal on-ice performance
• Additional Activities– Beach volleyball, hiking, 3 on 3 tournament, player BBQ and more

weekly camps

July 3- September 1
Week 1: July 3 - 7
• Week 2: July 10 -14
• Week 3: July 17 - 21
• Week 4: July 24 - 28
• Week 5: July 31 - August 4
• Week 6: August 8 - 11
• Week 7: August 14 - 18
• Week 8: August 21 - 25
• Week 9: August 28 – September 1

Twist Hockey Training Methods

TWIST Hockey Training methods are founded on sport-science, research and experience with many of the top players in the world. These training methods are recognized world-wide through publications & books, and taught globally to trainers & coaches. This paradigm focuses on developing BALANCE, MOVEMENT, STRENGTH and ENERGETICS to help build BIGGER, STRONGER, FASTER and SMARTER muscles. Our integrated dryland and on-ice hockey development system is built on training the secondary fitness characteristics that directly transfer to hockey skills and tactics making you a MORE EXPLOSIVE, STRONGER, FASTER, DURABLE, CONFIDENT and SKILLFUL player.

For more information on our Hockey Camps or to register, click on the location below.

British Columbia
North Vancouver
A: 12-1225 East Keith Rd 
P: 604-904-6556 

A: Unit 3, 3rd floor, 68 East 2nd Ave 
P: 604-428-9478 
A: 1179 Northside Road 
P: 905-335-9599 

A: 104 Byron Street South 
P: 905-217-0664 
A: 1590 Dundas St E 
P: 905-276-0040 
Richmond Hill
A: 11160 Yonge St 
P: 905-787-0007 
A: Sapporo City, Hokkaido Chuo-ku, Southern Ichi Nishi 6 – chome 11, Sapporo Kitatsun Building B1F 
P: 011-200-2110 


North Vancouver Free Session

Twist Hockey camp athletes

Read our pro player testimonials, check out our player video interviews and know what our Athletes are saying about their off-season TWIST High Performance Hockey Training Program.

Karl Alzner – Washington Capitals (NHL) 
“Twist Conditioning has been a key component in my on and off ice success. The balance and core work that is crucial in withstanding the demands of the game is worked into every workout. This program has helped me to be the best conditioned on my team 3 years in a row. ”
(World Junior Gold Medalist – 2007 and 2008)
Dan Hamhuis, Vancouver Canucks (NHL)
“Peter Twist and the staff at Twist Conditioning have been instrumental in my development since my 17 year old year. They have isolated my weaknesses and given me the plan to turn them into strengths so that I can continue to strive to be a complete player.”
David Jones, Calgary Flames (NHL)
“Having trained at Twist for a number of years, I have seen vast improvements in my overall speed and strength. Their ability to alter the workouts keeps things new and challenging. Twist has been instrumental in helping me compete at the highest level.”
Mike Richards, LA Kings (NHL)
“Twist Conditioning has helped me improve my speed and quickness, and also made sure that I was in shape for the third period and overtime.”
Cory Conacher, Ottawa Senators (NHL)
“Training at Twist has given me the chance to play NCAA Div. 1 hockey. The High Performance Conditioning Camp was unreal. I gained a ton of strength over the summer and I have never experienced this style of camp before. It was intense and extremely beneficial for me. My speed, agility, and quickness were all improved because of the HP camp and a big reason I have been nominated for the Hobey Baker Award 2 years in a row and made the jump to the NHL.”
Mike Santorelli, Vancouver Canucks (NHL)
“Although I’ve always trained during the off-season, it wasn’t until I worked with Twist Conditioning that I learned how to maximize my training for best results on the ice. Since training with the Twist Team I have noticed big improvements in my strength, speed, and agility. On top of leaving each summer in prime physical condition, I also walk away with a group of friends who are ready to offer support at any time throughout the season.”
Daniel and Henrik Sedin, Vancouver Canucks (NHL)
“After being drafted by the Vancouver Canucks, we were surprised at the physical development needed to succeed at the next level. It was very helpful to be exposed to Peter Twist’s leading edge program in our draft year. Twist’s hockey training system has helped us realize our full potential as players so that we could match up with the more dominant players today. We’ve both experienced significant improvements in strength, speed, power, balance, quickness and agility, and conditioning.”
Chris Stewart, St. Louis Blues (NHL)
“After a full off season of training with Twist, I started the season in the best shape of my life. My body fat is down, my muscle is up and I have as much energy in the third period as I do in the first. We definitely had a great workout group and the Twist coaches helped push us to where we needed to be."
Cal Clutterbuck, New York Islanders (NHL)
“The Twist HP Camp has given me a huge edge in my Strength and Conditioning which was extremely beneficial and ultimately led me to where I am today in the NHL.”
Trevor Linden – Former Vancouver Canuck (NHL)
“The Twist HP Camp has given me a huge edge in my Strength and Conditioning which was extremely beneficial and ultimately led me to where I am today in the NHL.”
Pavel Bure – Former NHL Player
“Coach Twist will show you how to get the most out of your game. I got the results I was looking for, and more!”
Markus Naslund, Former Vancouver Canuck (NHL)
“Conditioning Coach Peter Twist has worked with me in Vancouver and in Sweden. He helped me back from a broken leg in a very short period of time, returning with a new performance level in games and to also win the team’s Top Conditioned award! Twist’s knowledge is well respected by all the players on the team. He knows how to create off-ice workouts to achieve great on-ice success. The multi joint rotary exercises funnel power right into my wrist shot!”
Morgan Rielly, Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL)
“I’ve been training every off-season with Twist since 1st year Bantam and can honestly say the off-ice and on-ice development programs have improved my game tremendously. It’s all positive stuff at Twist and just a great place to train.”
Mark Visentin, Portland Pirates (AHL)
“Twist has had a huge impact on my development as an athlete and a goaltender the past three years. They have helped improve my game in all areas using unique goalie specific exercises. All the Twist Coaches are friendly and approachable which make it an even better atmosphere to be in. I appreciate all the hard work they have done to help me thus far and I can’t wait to see what they have to offer in the upcoming years!”


High Performance Athlete Development Camps are where it all started for TWIST. In 1997, while training many professional and elite athletes Peter Twist and his team opened a one-of-a-kind Athlete Development Camp for Professional and Elite Junior Hockey Players. A camp that focused more heavily on off-ice development than on-ice development quickly became the flagship off-season training camp for many of the NHL top players and up and coming stars. Today, TWIST’s High Performance Off-Season Hockey Camps lead the way and are offered in over 10 cities. TWIST HP Hockey Camps and have seen over 5,000 Elite Pro, College and Junior Hockey players through the program.
In 2002, Peter’s innovative training methods where gaining attention in other sports which resulted in teaching, consulting and coaching both the athletes and coaches in these sports and the birth of TWIST’s Athlete Development Camps for other Sports. Since 2002 TWIST has offered camps in the following sports:
  • High Performance Hockey Camps
  • Pro Hockey Camps
  • Basketball Camps
  • Soccer Development Camps
  • Pro Baseball Camps
  • Football Camps
  • Lacrosse Camps
  • NFL Combine Prep Camps
  • Agency Camps
  • Pro Team Training Camps

Visit our TWIST centers to find out what camps are offered in your area. Our current camp offerings include:
  • High Performance Hockey Camps (April- August)
  • Pro Hockey Camps (April- August)
  • Summer Soccer Camps (July-August)
  • Summer Athlete Camps (All Sports) (July-August)


At TWIST, we believe in an athlete centered, long-term approach to youth athlete development that follows many of the principles of the Canadian Sport for Life Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model, now adopted in most elite Canadian sport programs nationwide.

 LTAD involves teaching and coaching athleticism, movement, balance, and strength at an age appropriate and skill based progression of programming in a variety of youth development and sport specific programs for young athletes from the ages of 8-18, from beginner to elite.

Coached by certified TWIST Strength & Conditioning Coaches (TSCC) in small groups based on age, skill and sport specific development needs, every session is programmed with purpose, energy, challenge and a TWIST fun factor that ensures each athlete enjoys the process as well as the results.


• TWIST’s Athlete Development program will make your teen functionally fit for sport and everyday activities.
• Each session is coached in a small group training environment and customized to help your teen be at his/her best when their best is needed.
• Each class is 1 hour in length and participants can choose to train in any of membership levels. Bronze= 1 per week Silver= 2 per week Gold = 3 per week
• Participants can mix and match different programs, however you must choose a specific program date and time.

ATHLETE DEVELOpMENT sessions include

• Purpose Driven Programming
• Individualized Strength & Conditioning Development for Youth
• TWIST small groups coaching
• Ongoing support, feedback and expertise to help ensure you reach your goals
Contact your local TWIST to view schedules

Athlete Development Program Descriptions


Kids Sport Conditioning will teach young athletes the foundational components of athleticism through a fun, dynamic and motivating training environment. Children between the ages of 8 and 11 are at a peak stage for nervous system development. This means that most of their body awareness, coordination, movement mechanics and balance will be developed by the age of 12 making it a critical time for youth athletes to train. The program will focus on developing movement not muscle. Balance, agility, quickness, core stability, posture, reactivity and strength will be trained through fun and challenging drills. Don’t miss this window of opportunity, join the youth movement.


Speed, agility and quickness are three of the most important physical components for athletes. The TWIST SAQ program will teach you how to move more efficiently through postural correction, biomechanical analysis and movement skill patterning. Once a foundation of movement is built athletes will focus on increasing their first step quickness, deceleration, explosive speed, reactivity and multi-directional movement skills. Become a quicker, faster and more reactive athlete with TWIST’s SAQ training methods.

Athlete Strength & Conditioning (ASC)

The ASC program is the signature development program for youth athlete development. This program includes a perfect blend of movement skill development (speed, agility, quickness); athletic strength; energy system development and core conditioning for whatever your sport. Groups and programming will be split based on group size, age, skill level and sport focus. This program is perfect for athletes looking for a balanced program 1-2x per week. Ages 12 and up.

Advanced Athlete Development (AAD) – 90 minutes

The development of any athlete is a continuous process from the first time they participate in sports to the time they are fully matured both physically and mentally. Throughout this process athletes want to continuously work to build the qualities that will help them excel in the sport of their choice. TWIST’s Advanced Athlete Development (AAD) will help each athlete reach their true potential. This advanced program for ages 14 – 18 is focused on building strength, explosive power, linear & multi directional speed, deceleration, quickness and more. At 1.5 hours training time AAD is for the athlete ready to take their game to the next level.


Whether your players need to prepare during the OFF SEASON, need training to complement an IN SEASON schedule of games and practices, or you need to maximize chemistry amongst your team, TWIST Training can help. 

 With conditioning and nutrition programs, we optimize the development of each player’s speed, quickness, strength, movement skills, energy system conditioning, mobility and stability, as well as provide elite level expertise about nutrition and meal planning. If entire team is not available at the same time, we will customize a small group of 4-6 athletes. 
Contact your local TWIST to view schedules

Pro Athletes & Olympic Teams

• Full Performance Team set up, management and coaching services (Strength & Conditioning, Nutrition, Physiotherapy, Mental Training Coach)
• Strength and Conditioning in-season and off-season team and individual athlete program design, periodization and coaching. 
• Performance Testing, Movement Assessment, Physiological Testing & Progress Monitoring 
• Pre-draft testing and evaluations
• Training Camps and testing combines
• Team building activities

Peter Twist and his team of Elite Sport Performance Coaches have successfully optimized the performance of over a thousand Pro and National Level athletes and teams from around the world including Pavel Bure (Ice Hockey- Russia), Hakeem Olajuwan (Basketball –USA), Mariel Zagunis (Fencing – USA), Christine Sinclair (Soccer- Canada), Daniel and Henrik Sedin (Ice Hockey – Sweden) and Justin Morneau (Baseball, Canada). 

Our High Performance Programs focus on three major pillars: Movement, Nutrition & Mind-Set. High Performance Athlete services are customized for each athlete and team to best suit their individual needs. 

High Performance Athlete Services include:
• Strength & Power Development 
• Mobility & Stability Training
• Movement Skill Development
• Energy System Development
• Sport-Specific Programming
• Recovery and Regeneration
• Nutrition and Meal Planning
• Sleep Training
• Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
• Performance Testing and Monitoring
• Physiological Testing
• Post- Rehab Strength & Conditioning
• Sport psychology (mind-set training, visualization, goal setting)
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